Welcome to Aspen Community Theatre

Producer                                                Rita Hunter

Director                                                  Wendy Moore

Assistant. Director                                  Bob Moore

Musical Director/ Conductor                   Bob Finnie         

Choreographer                                      Jennetta Howell

Set Designer                                          R. Thomas Ward

Scenic Fabrication/Tecnical Direction   Sean Cochran with Enigma Concepts and Design

Sound Designer                                    Peter Durrance

Lighting Designer                                 Colin Riebel

Costume Designer                                Colleen Fawley

Stage Manager                                     Murray Johnson

Property Coordinator                            Kathy Gibson

Program Coordinators                          Christy Garfield, Lynnette Schlepp

District Theatre Manager                      Jonathan Geller

 Where Aspen District Theatre

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Evenings at 7pm November 3rd, 4th, and Sunday Matinee at 2pm the 5th 

Evenings November 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and Sunday Matinee at 2pm the 12th.


Thank you!

Visit us often to see the new content we have planned, find out how to participate, learn more about who we are, who has participated and how you can donate to make sure that the community theatre experience continues in our little jewel in the mountains, Aspen. We will soon be adding Photo Galleries from past productions, Video, and other fun goodies from the Aspen theatre community!


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