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For four decades, Aspen Community Theater has been an integral part of the community, entertaining audiences and providing opportunities for the residents of the Roaring Fork Valley to share their creative talents in front of and behind the scenes! This November 11, 12 and 13 we will celebrate 40 years of bringing theater to the Roaring Fork Valley with an anniversary showcase of musical theater and storytelling: “40 Years of Laughter and Tears!” The many show-stopping musical numbers will be interwoven with stories from people who have been involved in productions over the years. Love, laughter, heartache, and loss- all have been shared in the special bond between casts, musicians, and crews over the years… much of it unseen by the audience on the other side of the curtain. The retrospective promises to be a celebration of every aspect of ACT and what it has created for, and been involved in, the community and this unique place we call home-

Thank you!

Visit us often to see the new content we have planned, find out how to participate, learn more about who we are, who has participated and how you can donate to make sure that the community theatre experience continues in our little jewel in the mountains, Aspen. We will soon be adding Photo Galleries from past productions, Video, and other fun goodies from the Aspen theatre community!


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