Stories to Celebrate 40 Years

Enjoy these stories, shared with us from dear performers, alumni, supporters and friends, who have been changed by their experiences with Aspen Community Theatre during our 40 years.

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“Aspen Community Theatre was the first place I performed in a show outside an educational setting. It was the first time I worked with a group of artists of all ages to tell a story, where there were older, more experienced actors I looked up to and learned from, and younger, less experienced actors who looked up to and learned from me. I loved being part of a team, creating something together, where each person did their part and contributed a piece to the puzzle. I learned what mascara was and how to put it on. I ate my first challah bread. I watched the results come in, on a TV backstage, for the first presidential election I was old enough to understand. I met my first boyfriend. A little kid sat in my lap for the first time and I felt so grown up. I worked backstage for the first time. I wore a microphone for the first time. I got those ugly white jazz shoes I still wear to dance class 12 years later. I remember walking into the theatre and immediately feeling a shift in energy; everything going on outside was left outside and I was somewhere entirely good. In the craziness of high school, this amazing group of people gave me a place where I felt safe and grounded, and where I could be a part of something bigger than myself.”

– Cynthia Whitman, Actor – Singer / SAG-AFTRA, NYC