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Each year Aspen Community Theatre awards scholarships to high school seniors in the Roaring Fork Valley who have participated in the performing arts and demonstrate a commitment to continuing with their participation post-high school. Since 1980, approximately $62,000.00 has been awarded to deserving students.

The 2016 Scholarship recipients are Beth Fawley from RFHS and Talitha McDougall Jones from AHS!


Talitha sent us a note in response to receiving this year’s scholarship:

Dear Board of Directors at Aspen Community Theater,

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your generous scholarship towards my tuition at the Manhattan School of Music. Going into the theatre arts is not something that is universally recognized as an easy and steadily rewarding career choice, so I am beyond thankful for this support that you have given to me in the next stage of my life.

Aspen Community Theater has been so close to my theatre experiences ever since I was a little girl. I remember anticipating the fabulous shows that would come around every November, as the magic of the productions always inspired me. In several instances, following an ACT season, I would dress up like the characters from that year’s production and perform in my living room in hopes of recreating the show. The first production I ever remember seeing was when my big sister was in The Sound of Music and I was absolutely mesmerized watching kids not much older than myself perform at such a high quality.

Additionally, I have enjoyed being a part of The Music Man and Evita. The Music Man was the first performance in which I got to perform with adults and get a glimpse into what professionalism looked like. I love how ACT is such a collaborative environment and I will treasure these experiences as I continue my journey in the world of Musical Theatre.

Again, thank you so much for your investment in my education and my career. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given was to be grateful for those who support you. I am certainly grateful for your kind contribution that will surely take me one step closer to success.


Talitha McDougall Jones
Musical Theatre class of 2020 at the Manhattan School of Music


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