Theatre in Aspen - Aspen Community Theatre Workshops

 FREE! Workshops for Spamalot

Vocal Workshop with Bob Finnie

July 22nd 2017

From 10am to 12pm 

Aspen Chapel 77 Meadowood Drive Aspen CO, 81611

Do you want to audition for Spamalot? Get a chance to work with our music director Bob Finnie beforehand to practice and get those beautiful voices warmed up! Please rsvp to Bob at Or if you need more info, please email or call 970.923.3327.

Accent Workshop with Nicholas Vessey

July 26th, Also August 2nd 2017

From 5:30pm to 6:30pm 

Aspen Chapel 77 Meadowood Drive Aspen CO, 81611

Get your accents ready for Spamalot! Nicholas Vesey (British native) is going to be conducting an accent workshop to help polish those accent skills so we don’t sound like a bunch of Yanks! 🙂
Please rsvp to Nicholas at so he knows how many to expect. There is also more info availbe at or 970.923.3327.